Elk Advantages

We have a great view of Grizzly Peak
The view from our mezzanine

Lodge Parking

Less than a block from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and two blocks from the plaza, we have a spacious, gated lot open to any member in good standing. This makes it easy to attend lodge functions without looking for parking. Many members also use the lot at other times so they are freed from the inconvenience of looking for parking downtown or worrying about the time limits on city parking.

parking lot

Room to spare!

Elks DiningElks Dining Sign

On Friday night, Elks Dining is usually the best deal in town! Enjoy buffet style food in our historic dining room. Meet other residents in a space set aside from the tourist economy. Or stop by for lunch and enjoy a solid meal in one of the most peaceful eating spots in town.

Dining & Lunch Hours

The Mezzanine

reading on mezanine

Our Mezzanine is dominated by sweeping views of Grizzly Peak and the valley. It's a great place to enjoy your meal, visit with a friend, or have a quiet cup of coffee. The Lodge also has wireless internet access for our members. Drop in during a free afternoon, have a drink, and cruise the net in peace and quiet.

The Lodge Bar

We are a private, non-profit enterprise, and our bar prices reflect this. The goal of a Lodge bar is fellowship, not commerce. Come enjoy an affordable drink and a twenty-five cent game of pool at a place where everyone does, in fact, know your name.
Bar Hours.

Renting the Lodge

Lodge members are able to rent our facilities at half price. For more, see rental information.

A Sense of Community & Connection

Unlike many service organizations, cultivating business ties is not part of our purpose. In fact, you can be fined for discussing your business at Elks functions! Nor do we restrict our membership to professionals. In this we are being true to our historical roots.

communityThe Elks lodge is a place where citizens from all walks of life enjoy one another’s fellowship while working to make a difference. As What It Means To Be An Elk puts it, "Whatever the level of education, income, occupation or fame we may have outside, in the Lodge we all meet on grounds of equality and respect." Young or old, male or female, financially comfortable or striving, all members community

It's a healthy antidote to an increasingly fragmented society where people divide their workdays between coworkers and strangers, then spend their evenings watching fictional characters on television or having virtual interactions online.

The Elks lodge is a place where real people come together. A space of community and connection.